Since he was a kid Lance has been getting his hands dirty in a mechanical way. Whether it was supeing up his Go-Cart or tricking out his remote control cars. Moving all the way up to replacing motors on Hot Rods. Throughout his life Lance has been addicted to all things that are motorized.

During his high school years Lance would trek from the San Fernando Valley to other side of the hill to work with his old man at Lancers Automotive. This is where Lance developed his skills & passion for automotive repair.

Lance has been officially involved in the business since 1990 when just like Motorman Leon Kaplan did 30 years earlier he graduated from the Nashville Auto Diesel College (A well respected automotive technology institute offering a diploma in Auto Diesel Technology). Lance has the skills to work on the most delicate motors.



Manager Mike has been working in the automotive industry since his teens. Mike comes to Lancers with a formidable pedigree. 3 years ago Mike arrived from a well-established automotive repair company that closed its doors after 30 years in business. Mike at the age of 20 was the youngest manager that company ever had.Like Lance, Mike has been working with motors since he was kid. He could repair a 454 big block by the age of 13. His love for racing Camaro’s in his teens is what led him to become a skilled automotive technician.Mike however quit his need for speed in his 20’s when he got married, & had a family.


While the high school kids in Durham, North Carolina were racing around chasing girls, Leon Kaplan was racing around in anything motorized. “I was just this little country boy from a little town and all I wanted to do was race,” remembered Leon while sitting in his 3rd Street offices of Lancer Automotive Service. His floor is checkerboard, resembling the winning race flag, a reminder to his lifelong dream.Leon Kaplan has the longest running uninterrupted show at Talk Radio KABC. It would be easy to dismiss this Sunday morning staple as just another one of those “car” shows, but one quick listen and, not only do you sense a master Motorman in charge of the three hours, but a down-home folksy character who is about as real as they come.
He’s not sure where the obsession with motors came from but his inspiration to be the best came from his Grandmother Lance. “My grandparents lived next door while I was growing up. My grandmother was a retired principal and my grandfather was a retired minister from Duke University. When I was in high school, motors and racing were my sports. That was my competitive edge. I had the fastest car. I had the fastest motorcycle. It’s still somewhat that way today.” Leon’s goal was to be a NASCAR race driver. “My grandmother was old and wise. She told me that whatever I decided to do, it needed to be the best.” His grandmother would frequently say to Leon: “You take after granddaddy Lance. You can fix anything. It just stuck with me”.